From production of casting parts to the complete system

Our services raise the value of your product

Our services are tailored to the needs of our customers. With comprehensive offerings and services, we deliver added value. With system solutions, we offer the crucial advantage.

We see ourselves not only as the manufacturers of casting parts, but as a development partner. This begins already in the first development phase, at a time when forward-looking decisions are to be made. Working together with our customers and using state-of-the-art development and production tools, we establish meaningful foundations, maintain a culture of proximity, and reach rapid decisions.

The foundation for joint success

The best foundations for joint success are long-term experience and our extensive expertise.

Our customers' applications demand the highest standards of the components. This requires a high level of commitment and flexibility from our employees in order to meet these extensive requirements.

In addition to providing castings, we also offer additional processing steps, such as machining, surface treatment and assembly. These kinds of system solutions call for stable process workflows that place high demands on compliance with quality standards. Process-wide expertise is of crucial importance for the high quality of our products. It reflects a central aspect of our mission statement – to be "a part of the success" of our customers.


Unsere langjährige und zuverlässige Netzwerkpartner unterstützen uns, damit wir unseren Kunden Komplettlösungen anbieten können. Komplexe supply chain Anforderungen inkl. Logistik, Kanban Lösungen und B2B Informatikanbindungen gehören zu unserem Tagesgeschäft.

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