The solution
is individuality

CASTING PARTS orientates itself by specific requirements of the customers

Every customer request is implemented as a unique case. What our customers expect from us, and our challenge, is to implement component-specific requirements with ideal production methods. Every component starts with its own requirements, and we convert your expectations into a cost-optimised solution. Simultaneous engineering – fast, and a reliable process from the get go. For the serial production of casting parts, we manufacture in our pattern shop precise patterns made of high-quality materials on modern CNC machines.

For the flexible and fast production of prototypes, small batches or components with very complex geometries, we rely on our tried-and-tested digital production method DGP (digital casting production). With DGP, we offer our customers the possibility of procuring castings quickly and without any pattern costs.


We offer our customers an expanded service: we manufacture complete assemblys out of our components. Ready-to-install components from a single source are leading the way.