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Design consulting

  • Provision of fundamental rules of design for cast iron components
  • Elimination of potential sources of error
  • Monitoring the development of the design for a casting-compatible geometry.
  • Reduction of necessary raw casting tolerances and machining allowances
  • Optimisation in terms of weight and production costs
  • Consultation regarding material selection
  • Profitability analysis

Process substitution

  • Creation of the requirements profile
  • Common environmental analysis
  • Creating a blueprint
  • Optimisation
  • Manufacturing of prototypes
  • Serial production launch

Example: consisting of 4 welded assemblies and 25 single parts > transformed into 1 compact casting part (945 kg) > achieved a cost saving of 35%



  • Reworking a client design
  • Simultaneous engineering
  • Suggestion for an optimised casting solution
  • Topology optimisation, FEM analysis, simulation
  • Development of the serial production process

From the welding design to the casting solution

  • Simplifying the geometry
  • Combining several individual components
  • Optimisation of wall thicknesses, weight and stiffness
  • Integrating functions
  • Cost reduction

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