Standard solutions
in gravity and
continuous castings

The long alternative

We can supply continuous castings promptly and reliably in lengths of up to 3100 mm:

Square bar and flat sections from 40 mm to 260 mm, unmachined, in EN-GJL-250 or EN-GJS-400-15

Round stock from Ø 20.6 mm to 812 mm unmachined or rough-turned, in EN-GJL-250,  EN-GJS-400-15, EN-GJS-400-15-500-7 and EN-GJS-600-3.

If you are unable to find the dimensions and material qualities you need in our stock parts - we can offer to produce these from our BSP chill casting range.

STOCK PARTS – the BENNINGER GUSS AG business division for standard solutions:

Gravity die castings, Continuous castings, Hollow bars/bushings, Standard plates, Clamping elements

Standard plates of gravity die castings, hollow bars/bushings up to a length of 1,000 mm and clamping elements produced by sand casting can be called up at short notice.

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