Every part we manufacture is
for your advantage

Turning a part into an advantage

The employees of BENNINGER GUSS AG manufacture cast iron parts according to individual customer specifications. These specifications are clearly defined in terms of customer designs, special requirements, high-quality materials, additional processing requirements and deadlines. The part we play in this advantage consists of securing the market edge for our customers through innovative developments. This is why we consciously take "part" in the success of our customers too.

BENNINGER GUSS is a leader in additive 3-D manufacturing

Fast, reliable up to 4.5 tons piece weight. Raw or finished components from quantity 1.

We want successful customers

We do our part for that. In the form of employees with expertise and know-how. With the most up-to-date knowledge of process technology. Working closely with our customers and providing service. We are steered only by becoming a part of your success. This is our challenge.


Wir wünschen unseren Kunden und unseren Mitarbeitern ganz herzlich ein frohes und erholsames Osterfest

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Hybridguss at BENNINGER GUSS

Hybridguss - the ideal combination of sandmoulding processes in order to realise serial castings with high complex geometries in small volumes as well - efficient and quick.

Live Event at RUZ

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Despite present circumstances, you can count on our support and reliability.

Layer by layer into the future

The technological advancement of additive manufacturing is continually opening up new possibilities. These innovations are changing the industry world-wide. ABB Turbo Systems also wants to benefit from this.